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Thrive Initiatives

Bring help and hope to those suffering with a compassionate team providing the collaborative resources you need. 


Thrive Initiatives


Caregiver Academy

A six-week series for parents or caregivers of teenagers struggling with anxiety, depression, hopelessness or thoughts of suicide

Register for a FREE virtual series designed to provide information, resources and support for you and your teen struggling with their mental health. Join us Thursdays at 12 p.m. starting May 9. 


Children's Resilience Initiative

Guided Video Series

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), along with recent community-wide adversities and COVID-19, have left children vulnerable to long-term mental and physical health challenges. This video series is designed to help you understand the impact of trauma; how it affects children and youth; and what you can do you support them. It shares practical personal self-care and child well-being tools so you are better equipped to make a life-changing difference for a child. 


ACE Interface Training Series

Master Training Program

"The ACE Interface Train the Master Trainer Program is designed to support rapid dissemination of ACE and resilience science and promote understanding and application of the science to improve health..."


2020 Thrive Summit

Thrive Healing Summit

The 2020 Thrive Healing Summit was a one-day summit designed to support and mobilize those engaged in direct service to families, parents/caregivers and children.



Youth Suicide Prevention Resource

The CARE Team is a group of highly trained, caring and compassionate community healers who provide the needed support in these critical situations.

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End the Silence 

Youth Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

As a community, we have experienced years of crisis. We realize that at the end of this pandemic, we are moving toward the potential of another. We invite you to come together to have a conversation about youth depression and suicide. This is not about being the expert, it is about coming together to listen, to learn and to create change.

This inspiring and hopeful event will include keynote speakers, educational workshops, listening sessions with high school youth, experiential opportunities and innovative approaches to healing. 


Healing the Healers

2022 Thrive Healing Summit

The 2022 Thrive Healing Summit is an all-day healing experience designed to rejuvenate, restore and replenish the emotional health and well-being of our workforce. Please join us Tuesday, March 29.

Support Group

Self Healing Communities Model

Report and Summary

"A comprehensive model of building community capacity in Washington helped make dramatic reductions in rates of health issues and social problems."



Community Resilience Training

What is the Community Resilience Model (CRM)?

The Community Resilience Model trains community members to not only help themselves but to help other within their wider social network. 


Protecting Children from Abuse

Beau Biden Foundation

Our partnership with the Beau Biden Foundation helps youth-serving organizations in the North State region recognize a child is in danger and get that child the help they need. 

Thrive Steering Committee

Sandra Azevedo

Coordinator of Continuous Improvement,

Butte County Office of Education

Juni Banerjee-Stevens

Licensed Psychologist and Owner, Deer Park Counseling & Consulting

Anna Bauer

Director, First 5 Butte County

Scott Dinits

Human Resources Director,

Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley

Erna Friedberg

Regional Director of Program Development serving Butte, Glenn, Shasta & Tehema Counties, North Valley Catholic Social Services

January Giles

Manager, Center for Learning and Resilience, Butte County Office of Education

Kristy Makieve

Executive Director, Butte-Glenn Medical Society

Joleen Levey

Executive Director, Philanthropy & Community Well-Being
Adventist Health Feather River Foundation

Matt Reddam

School and Community Wellness Advisor,

Butte County Office of Education

Monica Soderstrom

Division Director, Community Health,

Butte County Public Health

Executive Director, Economic and Workforce Development Butte-Glenn Community College District

Linda Zorn

Ted Zwerdling, MD

Pediatrician, Adventist Health

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Like you, we are healers who want to make a difference and improve the lives of others.

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Donate to Thrive 


At Thrive, we have assembled collaborative initiatives of support and resources, so those in need can find the guidance and compassion they deserve.

Your contribution will support our efforts to respond to the suffering in our community --

to help those suffering transform pain into growth, heal with resilience and discover what it means to thrive.

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