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Our expertise lets changemakers focus on their impact.

The North Valley Community Foundation holds hundreds of individual funds, each embodying a community member's dream for a better world.

Open a Charitable Project Fund

Do you have an idea for a charitable fund that will help the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Would you like to start a fund that, say, helps feed at-risk populations or helps provide child care to low-income residents? Do you have an idea for a charitable project fund that will help with disaster response, or some other charitable purpose??

Learn more about how you can raise money and how we can help you establish the fund.


We believe that people want to make a positive contribution to their community. And we believe that there is one solution to every challenge facing our community: a human response. The Community Foundation is committed to mobilizing local people and resources to meet those ever-changing needs. With integrity, quality and community as our compass, it is absolutely possible!


Much of philanthropy is facilitated through private businesses, their owners and employees. Your business makes a positive contribution to our economy, but it can make important community impacts in other areas that align with company values. Whether extending charity to your employees or to the community as a whole, NVCF can help your business strategically serve the interests of your clientele.

Nonprofits & Agencies

Regional nonprofits rely on and take advantage of the fiscal strength and investment expertise provided by North Valley Community Foundation. In turn, nonprofits can concentrate on making a direct impact in the community. Our partners represent some of the most diverse nonprofits in the North Valley.

Professional Advisors

Many people have a desire to give back to their community, but the logistics of philanthropy can be discouraging. NVCF specializes in fund-management oversight, asset allocation, and social investment, allowing donors to focus on their passions rather than becoming overwhelmed by financial minutiae.


Get Started

These steps will help you identify the type of NVCF fund or program that can best serve your needs.

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Set the scope and strategic plan for your social endeavor

Start making a difference!

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