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Response Fund


In good times. In hard times. In urgent times. 

In times that need strategic action. 

You can count on us. 


Can we count on you?

Your donation to our Community Response Fund ensures NVCF can continue to respond to the urgent and important needs in our communities. 



Dreamers in our communities have recognized NVCF’s value and role in impactful projects like these. 


Ethan McCoy Memorial Scholarship Fund

In October 2020, 10 year-old Ethan McCoy passed away from pediatric brain cancer. His parents had a calling to keep his memory alive while also supporting aspiring nurses in honor of those that supported Ethan on his journey.


 Just two months later, they partnered with NVCF to establish the Ethan McCoy Memorial Scholarship Fund. Since its creation in December 2020, they’ve raised over $80,000 to provide scholarships to high school graduates pursuing nursing school.

Chico Children's Museum

With the dream of curating a space for kids to learn and connect through play, a young mom sought out NVCF to incubate a Children’s Museum in Butte County. With NVCF’s support, the Chico Children’s Museum was opened in April 2019 to serve children throughout the region with a hands-on learning environment and experiences. 

Happy Family

Stiefvater Senior Endowment

John Nock came to NVCF to investigate the possibility of housing his aunt and uncle’s legacy endowment at NVCF. Recognizing the value of a fund to support senior-serving agencies here in the North Valley, the Stiefvater Senior Endowment was born. Campaigns such as “Have a Senior Moment on Purpose” have brought this vision to life.

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