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This fund exists to raise money to support nonprofits and agencies providing immediate assistance to evacuees, animals and others impacted by fires in our area. 


The Wildfire Relief & Recovery Fund supports the rebuilding and revitalization of communities throughout our region impacted by wildfire. Tragically, the wildfires have become more and more dangerous, happen more frequently and are incredibly destructive in recent years. More specifically, our region has suffered immensely. The impact of these fires has been felt by everyone in our region, and it will take many years of collaborative work for us to rebuild and revitalize homes, health and wellbeing for all of our neighbors

Our goal is to work collaboratively with the nonprofit, government, philanthropic and private sectors to accelerate recovery and rebuilding to create a thriving, resilient and even stronger region.

NVCF is able to offer this grant program to our service area because of our generous donors. This fund was opened so foundations, businesses and individuals can make donations to help vulnerable members of our communities during this crisis. NVCF collects a 5 percent service fee on donations to this fund to administer the effort.

Wildfire Relief Funds


If you're interested in starting a fund to help those affected by the wildfires, connect with us here:


Here are some examples of active charitable funds for community wildfire efforts. 

Wildfire Relief Grant Programs


Dixie Fire
Grant Program

Immediate assistance is our top priority facing the region as the Dixie Fire continues to threaten communities.


Butte Strong Fund Grant Program

The Butte Strong Fund aims to provide long-term recovery to communities impacted by the 2018 Camp Fire.