The Butte Strong Fund, a partnership of the North Valley Community Foundation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund, aims to provide long-term recovery to communities impacted by the Camp Fire. 


The Butte Strong Fund started in the immediate aftermath of Butte County’s devastating Camp Fire on Nov. 8, 2018. It combined three large fundraising efforts led by North Valley Community Foundation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a Butte County native.


The healing and recovery needs are massive. To rebuild fully, communities will need to access additional financial support for not just months, but years. Knowing this, the Butte Strong Fund was set up with the specific intent to work alongside communities for years after the fire.

Disaster Case Management

Read our story about case management and how the system developed, as well as the stories of three individuals who were able to regain hope with the care and support of disaster case managers.


The North Valley Community Foundation and its Butte Strong Fund have granted more than $12 million to help build a case management system and then provide assistance to survivors.


Welcome Home Event

North Valley Community Foundation and the Camp Fire Collaborative honored and celebrated Camp Fire survivors, and our funders, Samaritan’s Purse, Wells Fargo, American Red Cross and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, for the triumphant return of survivors to their new homes.

Education Grant Program

This grant program aims to bolster and inspire our educational community by providing growth opportunities for K-12 teachers, staff and student groups to build back what has been lost or impeded by the Camp Fire disaster.

Teacher speaking with young student in a classroom
Roof Construction



The Butte Strong Fund is working with community organizations to benefit displaced families.


The effect of sudden changes in population redistribution can have a big impact on health and wellness for the community as a whole.


It's traumatic for a child to lose a home. It's exponentially traumatic to lose a school as well.


When people talk about what was destroyed in the Camp Fire, they often talk about places that were symbolic of the area.


Hundreds of businesses were destroyed in the Camp Fire. Others were damaged. Those that have managed to reopen or are still deciding whether to reopen face uncertainty.


Working with our nonprofit community partners and disaster case managers, we have granted millions of dollars to provide assistance to survivors. 

Aaron Rodgers Gratitude Message




After opening its doors to first responders and community members in the immediate aftermath of the Camp Fire, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. began a long-term fundraising campaign. The brewery launched Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, a collaborative fundraising project with more than 1,400 breweries worldwide that raised millions of dollars for Camp Fire relief. As short-term relief gave way to long-term recovery, the family-run company has been a valuable, engaged partner every step of the way. 

The Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund was established in the immediate aftermath of the Camp Fire to support programs that offer youths stability in the face of crisis, support the local youth sports infrastructure and support the process of bringing permanent and transitional housing back to the burned area.


The Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund was established in the immediate aftermath of the Camp Fire to support programs that offer youths stability in the face of crisis, support the local youth sports in-

frastructure and support the process of bringing permanent and transitional housing back to the burned area.




What will the money be used for?

Organizations can apply for grants focused on six areas:

  • Housing

  • Children and Youth Services

  • Health and Wellness

  • Education

  • Community Development

  • Business Recovery

How can one fund rebuild 14,000 units of housing that was lost in the fire?

It can’t. There’s not enough relief money to rebuild Paradise, Concow and Magalia, but we hope to help with projects that will kick-start the process and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their community members.

Who is organizing the effort?

The North Valley Community Foundation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund are the founders of the fund, but there are dozens of financial sponsors and many more recovery project partners.

How many people are involved in the decision-making on the projects?

Many. The intention of the Butte Strong Fund is to ensure that many different funding sources are not operating in silos, and that we collaborate for the benefit of Butte County. The fund aims to bring people together to promote and encourage collaboration. We do this through individual meetings, support and participation in the Long Term Recovery Group, and conversations with grant applicants while evaluating projects.

The consideration of grant requests and the final decisions on funding are made by Sierra Nevada and an NVCF committee of local stakeholders and leaders, many of whom were displaced by the fire. The nine members on the NVCF committee are: Chuck Rough, former Paradise town manager; Anna Bauer, First 5 Commission program manager; Scott Lotter, former Paradise mayor; Carol Peterson, former publisher of the Paradise Post; Don McNelis, former Butte County Office of Education superintendent; Sierra Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Greg Webb, local builder and philanthropist; Peggy Moak, former Butte County treasurer-tax collector; and Farshad Azad, board chair, North Valley Community Foundation.

Where will the money be deployed?

The Camp Fire affects all communities in Butte County and even beyond. While the aim of the fund is to help damaged areas recover, grants may be distributed in surrounding communities if the efforts directly help people or businesses affected by the fire.

Is the Butte Strong Fund still accepting donations?

Yes. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to Butte Strong Fund, 1811 Concord Ave., Ste. 220, Chico, CA 95928 or by visiting and clicking Donate. The North Valley Community Foundation uses 5 percent of donations to put a small dent in the cost of processing, documenting, vetting grant applications and, most important, distributing funds to the people who need it.


Who will receive funding from the Butte Strong Fund?

The Butte Strong Fund makes grants to organizations that are providing direct relief to those affected by the Camp Fire in one of the six areas of work. To be eligible to request funding, an organization must clearly show the direct benefit to those displaced by the Camp Fire that will be achieved through their project. The request also must clearly demonstrate the relationship with the key area of work that the request is being submitted under. To learn more about eligibility requirements, visit

How does the Butte Strong Fund choose organizations to fund?

Drawing on the experience of the North Valley Community Foundation and its rich history of funding and awarding grants, the Butte Strong Fund believes the organizations on the ground know their needs best. Through community connections, presence and following on social media, and outreach efforts, we will encourage eligible organizations and agencies to apply to this grant program. NVCF will facilitate the application process and the Butte Strong Fund committee will evaluate and make final decisions on the proposals received.

How can an organization apply for funding?

Organizations can apply for funding here. The representative for the applying organization will create an account in our grant system and complete the application online. For any questions, contact

Can individuals apply for funding?

The Butte Strong Fund does not have a direct assistance program, except through the consolidated Camp Fire case management system. Funding is provided only to eligible organizations that are directly serving people displaced by the Camp Fire.