End the Silence

We all have the opportunity to do our part by building each other up, creating a culture of support and stopping the stigma about mental health and suicide.

Support Resources


Four simple things
you can say to friends needing support 


Warning signs to look for when others communicate sadness


This inspiring and hopeful event included keynote speakers, educational workshops, listening sessions with high school youth, experiential opportunities, and innovative approaches to healing.


Keynotes, presentations and graphic elements from the event can be found below.

Videos from Summit

Drumming Session and

Opening Focus

Maggie Steele

Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken

Mike Smith



Aaron Davis Presentation

Embrace the Uncomfortable, Ignite the Possibilities

Stan Collins Presentation

Finding Your Voice, Hope > Pain

Matt Reddam Presentation

End the Silence

Graphics & Illustrations

End the Silence

Infographics with support resources from the End the Silence PSA

Maggie Steele Illustrations

Inspiring illustrations from made by Maggie Steele 

Graphic Recordings

Graphic notes and illustrations with highlights from the End the Silence summit

Team Mosaic 

View the collaborative End the Silence mosaic 




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