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Your mission is our mission. And we know you want to be a source of healing for the community: to support those children and families who are suffering due to repeated hardships. Yet the path to healing can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, the support and resources you need get blocked by "red tape" barriers that create cracks in the system. It shouldn't have to be this hard. At Thrive, you can find the collaborative support, resources and guidance you need to improve the lives of others.

Children's Resilience Initiative

This resilience-focused initiative is designed, through an online heart-centered series, to provide parents, educators and youth-serving organizations with essential tools that can help set youth on a path to recovery.


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“The Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley and Ability First Sports appreciates Thrive serving as a hub for inclusive and diverse community engagement that brings people together with a common goal of supporting, healing and improving our amazing communities.”

Scott Dinits,

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley

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