This fund exists to raise money to support nonprofits and agencies providing immediate assistance to evacuees, animals and others impacted by fires in our area. 


The Wildfire Relief & Recovery Fund supports the rebuilding and revitalization of communities throughout our region impacted by wildfire. Tragically, the wildfires have become more and more dangerous, happen more frequently and are incredibly destructive in recent years. More specifically our region has suffered immensely. The impact of these fires has been felt by everyone in our region, and it will take many years of collaborative work for us to rebuild and revitalize homes, health, and wellbeing for all of our neighbors. 

Our goal is to work collaboratively with the nonprofit, government, philanthropic and private sectors to accelerate recovery and rebuilding to create a thriving, resilient and even stronger region. 


North Complex Fire

Grant Program

Please read the grant guidelines and criteria before applying – and please note that we will continue to update the program areas and selection criteria as new gaps, issues and opportunities emerge through the long-term recovery and rebuilding process. 

North Complex Fire

Small Grant Program

Eligible organizations that are seeking $5,000 or less in funding for qualified programs may apply to the North Complex Fire - Small Grant Program. This streamlined process does not require additional documentation at the time of application, but additional documentation may be requested by a program officer.

North Complex Fire

Large Grant Program

Eligible organizations that are seeking more than $5,000 for a qualified program must apply to the North Complex Fire - Large Grant Program. This process requires applicants to upload a complete project budget showing sources of income for the proposal as well as all projected expenses. Applicants must also provide a certificate of liability insurance.


Note: Any proposal that is requesting $50,000 or more must contact an NVCF program officer prior to submitting. Proposals of $50,000 or more that have not been vetted by an NVCF program officer will not be considered until a program officer has been in communication with the applicant.


Paradise Gleaners/Butte County Gleaners
Creating comfort during COVID
Salvation Army
Gift cards for survivors to be distributed at the Local Assistance Center
Oroville Southside Community Improvement Association
Basic hygiene products, mobile shower and laundry unit usage, and additional cleaning due to COVID-19
Pioneer Union Elementary School District
"Give Away Days" every two to three weeks where families come and get some of our donated items along with a gift card for food/gas.
American Red Cross
Gridley evacuation center
Oroville Hope Center
Gas and essential supplies to victims
Lake Madrone Water District
Shaded fuel break
American Humane
The grant would help cover the costs of medical supplies, pet food, supplies, shelter costs, transportation costs, and other costs associated with the deployment.
Food distribution and gift cards
Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council
Vouchers to provide gas, propane, toiletries, groceries, meals pet supplies and household goods
Help Central Inc. (Butte-Glenn 211)
211 Navigator for North Complex Bear Fire Survivors
Butte County North Complex Survivor Assistance-Safe and Stable Housing
Butte County
North Valley Catholic Social Services
Gift cards in response to the North Complex Fire
Butte Hope/NVCSS
Gift cards for survivors for food
Butte County Dept. of Employment and Social Services
The requested funds will assist North Complex Fire Survivors in transitioning from sheltering or unsheltered status to the next step in their recovery. Funds will be utilized to assist survivors with transportation, housing, temporary housing solutions, repairs to property to allow for the Survivor to return to their property/home.
Butte County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue
Purchase of Nomex suites and fire shelters for teams performing searches for missing people in burned-over areas
Northern Valley Catholic Social Services
Butte Hope
Tiny Pine Foundation
Electric blanket distribution
North Valley Catholic Social Services
Gift card distribution
North Valley Catholic Social Services
Gas card for Butte County Office of Education (Pioneer (Berry Creek), Hearthstone, OCESD, OUHSD)
Tiny Pine Foundation
Supplying gift cards to help North Complex Fire evacuees and survivors obtain gas and food
Provide gas cards for families in affected school districts of Pioneer, Berry Creek, Hearthstone, OCESD and OUHSD
Paradise Gleaners/Butte County Gleaners
We have teamed up with E&J's Mobile Kitchen providing food and resources for fire victims, first responders, and all their pet needs.
From the Ground Up Farms, Inc.
To provide more gift cards for gas groceries and shelter as direct aid to the new fire families as well as the old fire families now evacuated again.
North Valley Animal Disaster Group
Sheltering evacuated animals
Youth 4 Change 6th Street Center
Supplying food, lodging vouchers and supplies for foster youth and foster families
Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley
Sheltering efforts
Paradise Evangelical Free Church
The funding we receive will go towards the purchase of tools and equipment needed to remove brush, cut up felled trees, and clean up properties.
North Valley Catholic Social Services
Gift cards for gas and food for victims
Sewa International
To donate food, fresh vegetables, fruits, hygiene kits, gas cards, gift cards to evacuees in Oroville area in Butte county weekly. We are supporting 200-250 families on the weekend. Evacuees get basic necessities and urgent help needed until they get back to normal.
NVCF COVID-19 Employee Care Grant Program
Approved transfer from Wildfire Relief and Recovery Fund approved December 16, 2020
United Way
United Way of Northern California seeks to assist survivors who have been recently displaced by the North Complex Fire in Butte County. Modeled after our Stable Housing Opportunities Program (SHOP), we will provide impacted families with up to $5,000 in assistance to secure temporary housing during their period of displacement. This assistance can be used to purchase a temporary home, to fund relocation, or to offset costs incurred by people temporarily housing survivors. The latter form of assistance will be in the form of a stipend, and the amount of assistance will be based on the number of days that survivors are housed.
Paradise Alliance Church
North Complex Tree Program
Oroville Rescue Mission
Gift cards, mission supplies and blankets

We have issued over $600,000 in grants for shelter and relief supplies for those impacted by the North Complex Fires.





Listen to NSPR's COVID-19 special coverage interviewing President and CEO, Alexa Benson-Valavanis about how the responding to the Camp Fire has prepared NVCF to help survivors during the latest wildfires.


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