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Use Your Fund

 Finance Forms 

Fund information, including current balance or donor information, is available at any time in your Fund Advisor Portal. Request login information at

Our Finance Office runs checks every Wednesday. 

To update fund advisor information, or to add/remove authorized signers to your fund, please email Carolyn Engstrom at

Please contact with any questions.

 NVCF Logos 

Promote your NVCF fund in print and on the web with these logos. Click on the logo to download. Right click on the image and select "save image as ..." to download. 




Empowered by NVCF (PNG)

 Hosting Events 

Our designated funds have the added benefit of hosting events under our insurance umbrella. 

forms (1).png

Events hosted in the name of your NVCF fund must have insurance pre-approval. Complete this form to request coverage and provide us with important information to assure compliance with various laws.

Are you having a fundraising event (including any event that includes the sale of food or goods, or a raffle)? Please review the following guide to rules and laws that pertain to sales tax and raffles in the state of California, as well as disclosure requirements mandated by the IRS. 

This guide is designed to familiarize you and your group of volunteers about what rules affect your fundraising efforts, as well as let you know what we need to properly report the results of your work. 

Volunteer Waiver Form (PDF)

forms (1).png

Use this spreadsheet to record and share the accounting details surrounding your event. 

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