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Butte Strong Fund

The Butte Strong Fund supports the rebuilding and revitalization of communities throughout Butte County impacted by the Camp Fire.

Chico Children's Endowment Fund Grant Program

The Chico Children’s Endowment Fund (CCEF) is a charitable fund of the North Valley Community Foundation dedicated to benefiting children in Chico and its surrounding areas with unmet physical, emotional or mental needs.

Community Impact Grant

The Community Impact Fund of The Hignell Companies Foundation provides financial resources for the community in areas they are eager to make an impact.

Disaster Relief for Indigenous Communities Grant Program

The Indigenous Disaster Relief and Recovery Grant Program supports the recovery and revitalization of indigenous peoples and communities throughout our region impacted by disaster.

Dixie Fire Grant Program

Immediate assistance is our top priority facing the community as the Dixie Fire continues to threaten communities.

Lundberg Family Foundation

The Lundberg Family Foundation is sustained through the Lundberg Family council, representing four generations of the family.

Music Therapy Impact Fund Grant

Music therapy is the use of evidence-based music interventions to address spiritual, developmental and physical needs of the whole person.

Stiefvater Senior Endowment Grant Program

The Emil and Leonora Stiefvater Senior Endowment exists to support the emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs of older adults.

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