Music Therapy Impact Fund Grant


Music therapy is the use of evidence-based music interventions to address spiritual, developmental and physical needs of the whole person. The immediate goals of the Music Therapy Impact Fund are to:

• Develop a music therapy program for hospice and palliative care

• Provide evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of music therapy in hospice and palliative care, specifically

• Create the foundation for a community-initiated program that becomes an established mainstream service

• Establish Chico as a place for innovative health care

• Bring awareness to the profession of music therapy and the benefits in overall health care


Grants are available to hospice and/or palliative hospitals, facilities or organizations to provide music therapy services or to develop in-house music therapy programs.

Grants are also available to individuals who meet the criteria of receiving hospice or palliative care, but are not receiving services from a recognized hospice/palliative care facility or organization.

Use of Funds:
Funds are to be used to pay for direct music therapy services. Additionally, funds may be used for materials, insurance or travel expenses directly related to the music therapy service/program.

Any music therapist hired MUST be a current board-certified music therapist in good standing with the American Music Therapy Association.

To submit a grant request, please review the guidelines, fill out the application, make a copy and click submit.

Notification will be sent out as soon as possible and no longer than four weeks after grant submission.