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Portrait of Vianey Crane Serrano, Care Team coach

Zack Larsen


Hello, my name is Zack Larsen. I am excited to be part of the CARE team and this program. I grew up in El Dorado Hills, California, and have lived in Chico for the past five years. I have a passion for engaging with the outdoors and immersing myself in nature. Among my hobbies, I find enjoyment in hiking, playing video games, and playing a wide range of sports. These activities fuel me on a personal level and deepen my connection with nature and others.

My personal and work journey has equipped me with a unique perspective. Having faced the challenges of my parents' divorce and a house fire during my teenage years I had to learn how to adapt to the change and emotions both experiences bring.

I have experience working with developmentally disabled youth, serving in the Army and managing a psychiatric facility. These experiences reinforced my commitment to helping and supporting others through crisis.

In my role within the CARE team, I aim to continue making a positive impact by extending a compassionate, non-judgmental ear and facilitating connections to counseling resources when necessary. I am looking forward to contributing to the well-being and recovery of young people in crisis and building relationships with them, their familiesn and other members in our community.

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