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Portrait of Darci Yartz, Care Team coach

Darci Yartz, LCSW


Hello, I’m Darci. I grew up in Paradise and am the youngest in my family with three older brothers. Growing up in a small town was good for me. We were always on the go playing basketball, softball, running track and I loved gymnastics. When I was seventeen, I experienced a major traumatic event in my life and as a result, decided I wanted to be a medical social worker. Have you been exposed to tragedy, grief or stress in your life? We all go through challenging times, some more than others. What’s important is how we move forward, keep learning and growing.

I have been a social worker in the acute medical setting for the last twenty-two years and have walked beside many during their most difficult times. I have also had many painful experiences myself. During my tough times I have found that things are easier to deal with when you have someone to share with, who is in your corner, to provide support when you are feeling overwhelmed. We all need help sometimes and it’s okay to reach out. Things that have helped me are being involved in sports, hiking, traveling with family and friends and spending time with animals, especially my goldendoodle (Mylee). If you are willing, I’m ready to support you on your life journey.

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