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Community Leadership Program


We know that you desire to grow personally and professionally to positively impact your community. The opportunities, tools and resources to help you reach your full potential as a leader may not be readily available, which hinders your ability to access the opportunities to learn and work together in our community.

The Community Leadership Program brings together individuals from across the community to collaborate, grow and make a difference.

About the program

The Community Leadership Program is designed to cultivate a network of collaborative leaders who are committed to contributing to a thriving community in Butte County. The program empowers participants to grow personally and professionally.

A flourishing community relies on the engagement of diverse and passionate individuals who contribute to its success. However, many face internal and external barriers that hinder their ability to fully engage in the learning and collaborative opportunities within our community. Our program aims to break down these barriers by providing professional development opportunities that equip participants with the skills and practices necessary to become effective leaders in their organizations and their communities. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the different sectors in Butte County, learn to harness their strengths and engage with others in a supportive and dynamic environment. A key component of the program is the opportunity for participants to build a strong network with their cohort, as well as with the program's leadership and faculty. This collaborative network enables the exchange of ideas, experiences and resources, fostering lasting relationships that support continued growth and impact even after the program concludes. This unique learning experience enables leaders to maximize their potential and make a lasting positive impact on their communities.

Program design

The program runs from August 2023 to May 2024. The curriculum includes an orientation, a weekend leadership retreat, nine monthly day sessions and culminates in a graduation celebration. The monthly daylong sessions are focused on three key areas: community health, community life and community vitality. Each session is designed to explore a different sector in Butte County while fostering the development of essential leadership skills. To provide an understanding of the local community's unique challenges and opportunities, these immersive sessions incorporate presentations, in-depth discussions with a diverse group of community leaders across various sectors, participatory skill workshops, group activities, exercises and tours. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in timely conversations with policy-makers, business executives and heads of organizations, further enriching their learning experience. A key component of the program is a collaborative group project, which encourages participants to apply their insights and skills in a real-world context. By working together, members will not only build strong relationships within the cohort but also contribute to the betterment of the community. We encourage all those with a strong desire to make a lasting impact in Butte County to apply and help us create a more vibrant, resilient and prosperous community.

Program duration

August 2023 to May 2024


Program outcomes

  • Develop tools and practices to become more self-aware, understanding the characteristics, strengths, skills and abilities they bring to their role.

  • Cultivate a deeper awareness of the community they serve.

  • Develop practices that strengthen deep collaboration with other peers and organizations.

  • Gain an understanding of emotional intelligence and learn skills to increase it.

  • Learn best practices for engaging in difficult conversations, including addressing the values of diversity related to belonging, dignity and justice.

  • Develop a stronger and wider network within the community.

  • Gain the skills they need to become active community influencers and work toward a thriving community.

  • Be ready to use their learned skills to cultivate a united and connected community.

Design Team

Jeff Boian


Gloria Halley

Butte County Office of Education

Dillon Raney

North Valley Community Foundation

Virginia Walker

Jamison Group

Jonathan "Joc" Clark

Collaboration Works Consulting & CSU, Chico

Keesha Hills

Oroville Southside Community Improvement Association

Tray Robinson

Butte College

Scott Winter

Collaborative Commons

Jack Coots

Retired at Farm Data Systems, Inc.

Norma Lacy

North Valley Catholic Social Service

Jovanni Tricerri

North Valley Community Foundation

Laura Cootsona

Goodwell Consulting

Angela Quail

Table Group Consulting

Evan Tuchinsky

Chico Enterprice-Record

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

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