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Collaborative Mindset

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The Collaborative Mindset encourages participants to view their organization and life with a radically different mindset by simulating and then practicing new, creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving to achieve their most vital goals.

Collaborative Mindset

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team-oriented game with a purpose

About the activity

The Collaborative Mindset experience provides a new perspective around teamwork, innovation, creativity, leadership and more. Attendees participate in a game-based workshop that is fun and insightful, inspiring lasting effects on how participants generate opportunities, zoom out and create smarter partnerships.

The Collaborative Mindset encourages participants to view their organization and life with a radically different mindset by simulating and then practicing new, creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving to achieve their most vital goals.

Players will travel through the game on a mission to win while gaining skills, understanding and strategies that not only help them achieve the goals in the game, but also to excel in their lives.

This workshop will take place in a three-hour live session. The training begins with a presentation, then moves into the simulation and is followed by group discussion.




Secret Trail Brewing Co. 

132 Meyers Street, Chico 


Target Audience

Collaboration is essential for professional growth and success in any field. Our target audience for the Collaborative Mindset encompasses professionals and organizations from all sectors who are looking to gain insights into teamwork, innovation, creativity, leadership and more to refine their work processes and collaborate in new and exciting ways.



$25 per person to pay for cost of program facilitators. Advance registration is encouraged. Walk-in registration the day of the event will be accepted if space allows.


  • Mindset innovation 

  • Increased self-awareness and resourcefulness 

  • Team alignment, peer accountability and collaborative commitment 

  • Improved culture through openness, trust and collaborative intent 

  • Challenge participants to consider their personal patterns, belief systems and habits and whether they serve them well 

  • Shifting from problem orientation to outcome focus 

  • Development of thinking patterns for solving organizational, community and personal issues demanding participants to generate, identify and leverage opportunities.


Jovanni Tricerri, vice president, programs

Jovanni has over 20 years experience in community development, philanthropy and nonprofit management. He joined NVCF to lead the disaster recovery programs following the Camp Fire in 2018. As vice president of programs, Jovanni’s role is to give strategic leadership for NVCF’s disaster recovery grant programs addressing the needs of the Camp Fire, 2020 North Complex Fire, 2021 Dixie Fire and regional drought relief efforts. In addition to the recovery efforts, he also oversees NVCF’s community resilience initiatives, Thrive and Lead.


Scott Winter, BrainFriendly Dynamics

Scott Winter has over 30 years of experience in leadership training and facilitation with a diverse range of clients in the United States and abroad. He serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Schools of Leadership Development at two large federal agencies in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career as an independent consultant, he has crafted numerous training programs and strategic initiatives for corporations, governments, nonprofits and schools. Scott’s clients also include organizations in the pharmaceutical, health care, agribusiness, telecom, food and beverage, and technology industries.


Jonathan "Joc" Clark

Joc holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change Management. Joc loves having one foot in teaching with California State University students and Community College Business Center clients, as well as one foot in the real world with those who are facing the daily demands of competitive working organizations. Joc specializes in creating collaborative working environments, leadership skills and organization development. He has worked for 15 years as a family businesses consultant, drawing from experience as an educator, facilitator and process consultant.


Laura Cootsona, coordinator, Nonprofit Institute

Laura holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration from University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley in Religious Studies. Cootsona has worked with nonprofit organizations for 36 years. Cootsona built her consulting practice focused on fundraising, marketing, CEO coaching, strategic planning and board development. From 2015-2021 Cootsona served as the executive director of the Jesus Center, a social service nonprofit in Chico focusing on reducing the impact of homelessness. As of January 2022, she operates a collaborative consulting firm called Good|Well Consulting. Laura is a founding board member of the Camp Fire Collaborative and has lived in Chico since 2002.


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