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Wings of Eagles Fund

Fund Purpose

The purpose of the Fund is to provide charitable relief to families undergoing an emotional and financial crisis during the serious or terminal illness of their child. The geographic area is limited to families residing in Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Colusa, Yuba and Sutter Counties of California.

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“Wings of Eagles” provides families with financial assistance on a monthly basis with traveling, food, lodging, or household expenses. There are no pediatric specialty facilities in our area, so families always have to travel to Sacramento, the Bay Area, or Southern CA for their child’s treatment. Working parents lose time at work which results in reduced wages, but they have added expenses due to multiple out-of-town trips to their child’s pediatric specialty facility. Single parent households have an even more difficult financial time during their child’s illness and treatment. “Wings of Eagles” is the community safety net for families that suddenly find themselves in a crisis situation due to the unexpected diagnosis of a serious life-threatening illness of their child. “Wings of Eagles” has been in operation for over 21 years in our community and is supported solely through fundraisers, donations, and small grants. “Wings of Eagles” receives no state or federal funding.

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Christopher Mayer


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