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Peg Taylor Center

Fund Purpose

To support families in our community caring for loved ones and ensure that adults with challenging health issues can continue to live with their loved ones, enjoying a better quality of life. The Peg Taylor Center was built by the community for the community, and the center’s mission of quality, caring adult day services is made possible through your support.

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The Peg Taylor Center is a unique daytime health and wellness program. Our mission is to help both older and younger adults with challenging health problems to improve their quality of life, while offering respite and support for families caring for loved ones. Our participants have ranged in age from 18 to 104. We offer individualized nursing attention, physical, occupational and speech therapies, social work services, dietary counseling and other specialized care and lively activities. Enjoyable activities take place all through the day, creating an uplifting environment of friendship and community. Transportation to our program is a key component of our care. Over 30 years of serving the North Valley, we have been known for our compassionate care and high standards of excellence.

Contact Info

Diane Puckett, Executive Director

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