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Never Counted Out

Fund Purpose

Welcome to the Creative Revolution! Never Counted Out is a non-profit that bridges the gap between artists and at-risk youth. The goal: empowerment through the arts, but with heart and truth. When you support NCO, you are enabling us to continue our Rock The Read book donation, develop programs for at-risk youth in communities, manage our online and print material presence, and host artists such as novelists, filmmakers, photographers, painters, and street artists for our NCO Summer Camps.

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Inspired by teens on the unique book tour undertaken by novelist and filmmaker e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, Never Counted Out is an organization designed to empower youth on the fringe via the arts. We call this idea the Creative Revolution because we are taking the arts and utilizing them as a vehicle of empowerment and change. And we are doing this with edge, heart, and momentum. NCO functions a high-energy, meet-young-people-where-they-are organization dedicated to redefining how we see the at-risk teen population in America. We believe that this marginalized group crosses the lines of race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and gender. In short, any young person can be at-risk. The common thread? They all share an experience of feeling on the outside of belonging. NCO is where outsiders thrive. Through our primary empowerment thread where artists donate a minimum of one hour per year to a program in their community or a community they visit, we are generating access for those youth who rarely have it. We are creating a dialogue of change and showing teens that they don’t have to wait for it to get better. It can be better now. By channeling their voice via writing, filmmaking, painting, music and/or photography. In a time of extreme bullying, dangerous self-harm, and pervasive suicide, NCO reaches out to teens with truth and imagination. From traditional to alternative education, from libraries to after-school programs, from juvenile detention to teen-focused events, this is where the revolution is happening. This is where young people reclaim who they are and are never counted out.

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C.G. Watson

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