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Love Chapmantown Community Foundation

Fund Purpose

The Love Chapmantown Coalition participates in our community in south Chico for the betterment of all. We offer our gifts, talents, time, and resources to the vision of transforming our community and planting seeds of hope and love into the soil of a community that we love. Our mission is to find solutions to the issues and concerns of the residents of our community that will improve their lives and ensure political, educational, social, and economic rights of all residents, and eliminate barriers of inequality.

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Created in 2011, the Love Chapmantown Community Coalition has catalyzed improved street lighting, created “little libraries”, held annual National Night Out celebrations, conducted annual clean ups, worked with the Chapman Elementary School in a variety of ways, helped develop the Chapmantown Farmers Market, and mapped assets and resources in the community.

Contact Info

Stephen Tchudi

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