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Kyle LaForce Memorial Scholarship

Fund Purpose

The Kyle LaForce Memorial Scholarship aims at perpetuating his memory by awarding a deserving student from Chico High School who has been accepted to a College of Engineering program at Chico State, with a preference for those pursuing Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering. This award is not for the overachieving student or those with the highest GPA. It seeks to financially reward the applicant that embodies the values, interests, proclivities, and characteristics that Kyle held. A fund in Kyle’s memory has been established at the North Valley Community Foundation. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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Kyle LaForce was taken from this earth all too early, tragically short of fulfilling the promise he held. Strikingly handsome with a mischievous twinkle in his eye and smile that welcomed and warmed, Kyle was a true friend to all that he called “friend.” Voracious in his appetite for life and undaunted by life’s challenges, Kyle was never afraid to fail, to get up, and try again. His aspirations were enormous and his devotion to learning and understanding, to evolving intellectually and developing emotionally, were unique for a person of his age. Loved by many, his impact on others during his twenty years of life is immeasurable.

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Jerry Hight

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