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Hope House International Advised Fund

Fund Purpose

Our mission at HOPE House International is to promote adoptions globally and to help orphans prevail in everything by supporting families, missionaries and organizations. We are supporting an organization in India called “The HOPE House, India” headed by our founder Ruby Nakka.

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The HOPE House ministry was started by a couple – Ruby and Vinodhini Nakka, in Lubbock – TX, USA in 2004. Ruby relocated to India in 2005 and is currently serving as an Executive Director of “The Hope House, India”. Subsequently Hope House International was born in February 2006 with a vision to promote adoptions globally and to support and care for the orphans of Hope House, India. Our secretary, Thomas Matthew and his family also relocated to India in 2009 and have joined the Hope House team in India. He is currently serving as the Program director for the Boys Home in Ranipet. He is of great help to the India Hope house team and we at HHI thank him for joining the team in India and helping us out with his service, suggestions and guidance.

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Manoah Mohanraj

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