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Gridley Police Department Animal Shelter - Medical Care

Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of this fund is to raise money to be utilized by the Gridley Police Department Animal Shelter for the medical care of animals coming into the shelter, as well as for the spaying or neutering and vaccination of animals prior to adoption.

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Medical treatment for animals has a vital role in bringing animals back to their appropriate health while either in foster or while they are in the shelter facility in order to prepare them for adoption. Animal Control often takes in found, stray and/or unwanted animals that have had little to no veterinarian care during their lifetime or in some extreme situations, have sustained substantial injuries and require emergency care. Examples of what these generous contributions would be able to provide: immediate vet care for an unhoused dog that was struck and thrown by a train, heartworm treatments, dental care where decay is commonly seen in smaller breeds, severe skin infections and overall nutrition care and needs. Additionally, contributions would also be utilized to assist in the cost related to spaying and neutering of animals as well as vaccinations in order to prepare them for adoption.

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Gridley Animal Control


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