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Gratitude Walk Fund

Fund Purpose

The purpose of the Fund shall be to raise money to support a Gratitude Walk event in Chico. The Gratitude Walk Fund will dedicate proceeds from the event to support up to three local nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations per event to be selected by participants.

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Our vision and goal for the Gratitude Walk is to get the entire Chico community thinking about what they’re grateful for. We believe this idea is powerful; personally, emotionally, and spiritually. What a truly awesome way to bring the community together and reinforce the benefits of gratitude. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. This unity-building event’s intent is also to inspire recognition and support for those in our community that give in service to a more vibrant, loving, connected, and healthy community.

I think you’d agree that we have so much to be grateful for in our lives…even just the tiniest of things. The Gratitude Walk is sure to be one of Chico’s favorite events and a source of great community involvement, family enjoyment, and personal fulfillment. Not only is the Gratitude Walk a community building event and a gift in itself, the proceeds will benefit up to three local organizations that will be selected by the local community. Please join us on November 4, 2023 for the 2nd annual walk in Bidwell Park! Register and learn more on

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available! Please contact Crystal Lively at

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Crystal Lively

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