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Glenn Community First

Fund Purpose

This fund is established to meet community and public safety needs in Glenn County. Donations received may solely fund a project or be used as a match for other funding sources. Fund oversight is provided by an advisory committee representing the City of Orland, City of Willows, and our Glenn County law enforcement.

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Maintenance and Beautification Local business efforts to clean, paint, and improve our community. Volunteer-driven community clean-up efforts. Public Health and Safety Local law enforcement tools and assistance not funded through traditional budget processes, i.e., GIS software to track agricultural crime, identifying patterns and trends. Lighting, monitoring cameras for safe travel at night. Sidewalk and walkway improvements. Youth Engagement Engage our young people, supporting activities and organizations that direct our youth on a successful path and ensure success for the next generation, i.e., Boys and Girls Club, 4-H, FFA, work experience and internships with local business and manufacturing firms.

Contact Info

Gary Hansen, Mike Wyser

(530) 514-3003, (530) 624-2022

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