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Ethan McCoy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of this fund shall be to provide scholarship grants to graduating high school seniors of Butte County that are pursuing degrees in nursing or nursing programs.

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Ethan McCoy passed away from pediatric brain cancer at the age of ten years old on October 22, 2020. This scholarship serves to keep his memory and honor all the nurses who helped him along his medical journey. Ethan’s medical journey is documented through his parents’ video diary on YouTube.

Ethan loved gardening, reading, and the great outdoors. He was a young entrepreneur who loved to make birdhouses with his grandfather and grow succulents. He was a proud member of the Million Word Reading Club at his elementary school and participated in his local swim team, 4H club, and Awana group. Ethan also enjoyed camping in state parks, finding agates at Patrick’s Point, and fishing at his family’s cabin. As a child on the Autism Spectrum, Ethan approached life in a very unique way. Despite social challenges, Ethan connected with people and developed meaningful relationships throughout his community and beyond. His endearing personality, infectious smile, and quirky nature are remembered by all who knew him. Additional information can be found on Ethan's Facebook page linked under the donate button.

Contact Info

Joey and Stefanie McCoy

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