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Duets Across America

Fund Purpose

The purpose of the Fund shall be to raise money by holding fundraising events and to raise awareness about BPAN, a medical condition. Net proceeds from fundraising activities will be donated to NBIA Disorders Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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Welcome to Duets Across America, a local advocacy group on a mission to make a difference in the fight against BPAN, a rare genetic disease that has been severely underfunded in the research community. We firmly believe that music has the incredible ability to heal and inspire, and it is with this conviction that we have embarked on a journey to bring the power of music to the forefront of our fight against BPAN.

​At Duets Across America, our passion lies in raising awareness and funds for critical BPAN research through NBIA Disorders Association, a 501c3 organization that supports families, educates the public, and issues BPAN research grants to researchers across the globe. Our intention is to encourage hope through the universal language of music.

​By organizing captivating events and concerts featuring exceptionally talented performers from all corners of the nation, we aim to unite communities, create lasting connections, and generate the resources necessary to drive groundbreaking research in the fight against this debilitating disease.

​BPAN may be rare, but its impact on those affected and their loved ones is profound. Our commitment to eradicating BPAN drives us to push boundaries and transform obstacles into opportunities, and we firmly believe that music can serve as a catalyst for change. Through the shared experience of soul-stirring performances, we foster a sense of solidarity and hope, paving the way for a brighter future.

​We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. Join us in raising awareness, spreading hope, and making a lasting impact on the lives of those living with BPAN. Together, we can create a harmonious symphony of support and change the tune for BPAN research.

Explore our website to learn more about our upcoming events and concerts, and discover how you can play a significant role in our quest to make a meaningful difference. Your support, whether through attending events, volunteering, or donating, will help bring us closer to our shared goal of a world free from BPAN. Let the music of compassion and determination guide us on this transformative path.

Thank you for visiting Duets Across America BPAN Research Fund. Together, let's strike a chord for BPAN research and harmony for all those touched by this condition.

Contact Info

Jenny Lowrey, From the Ground Up Farms, BPAN Coordinator
Gary Smith, Kai Music and Art School, BPAN Coordinator


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