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City of Chico Homeless Services Support Fund

Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of this fund is to enable community members to show their support for those less fortunate by donating funds to help to cover costs of services and meals, as well as other direct costs of operating the pallet shelter and other emergency non-congregant housing sites.

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The City of Chico has partnered with North Valley Community Foundation to create a charitable giving program that allows individuals to provide tax deductible donations towards homeless services within the City of Chico. Contributions will be used to help fund the City’s homeless services efforts such as services at the Chico Pallet Shelter and services at any other City sanctioned site. Examples of services may include such items as: food, showers, laundry, site operation, garbage service, etc. Your one-time or monthly contribution can create a positive impact on the lives of others.

Learn more on the City of Chico website.

Contact Info

City of Chico City Manager's Office


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