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Chico Police Department K9 Unit

Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to collect donations to support the Chico Police Department's K-9 Program.

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While the Chico Police Department K9 Program is funded by the City, donation funds are solicited to help pay for those items not covered by the City. Donations will be used to obtain supplemental training for K9 teams, agitator and unit managers; to fulfill equipment needs outside City budget items; assist K9 teams in K9 trial competition meant to enhance K9 team experience and abilities; and to support the efforts of the K9 unit to engage and educate community members about the public safety role and contributions of our K9 teams. Perhaps most importantly, funds will also be used to supplement the care and maintenance needs of our K9s in their retirement. Retired K9s are normally purchased by their handlers when the dogs are retired. At that point the City no longer supports the care, maintenance, or healthcare of the K9. Community donations will be used to provide a stipend for food and ongoing healthcare of these retired K9 City servants.

Contact Info

Lynn Theissn

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