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Chico Police Department Animal Shelter Medical

Fund Purpose

Donations will go toward the medical care of animals brought to the shelter, as well as spaying and neutering animals before they are adopted.

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This very important, and heavily used fund pays for all medical treatment above and beyond initial supportive care for all the animals that come to the shelter. Examples of what is done with this fund: fixing a broken leg on a boxer who was brought to the shelter in an emaciated condition; treating a German shepherd for a severe skin infection; removing a tumor and providing dental care for a terrier, and repairing a broken leg on a cat. By providing this medical care for these and many other animals like them, animals brought to the shelter are restored to health and are adopted into permanent homes. In addition, these funds pay for the spaying and neutering of animals that are available for adoption so that they can be released into their new homes.

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Lynn Theissn

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