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Chico High School Music Boosters

Fund Purpose

The purpose of the fund shall be to raise money to purchase instruments, music, and provide resources that support the growth of the music programs at Chico High School. Monies raised by this fund will be distributed by Foundation on behalf of the Fund at the recommendations of the Fund Advisors.

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Our goals are as parents and community members are to:

• Improve the access and experience of music education at Chico High School

• Improve the experience of music students through increasing access to enriching opportunities

• Provide the opportunity for all students to have music education in order to create community and achieve higher academic success

• Cultivate enthusiastic interest in the music departments at Chico High School

• Provide the means to support a quality music education environment

• Provide equitable access to all students

Contact Info

Sean Maiorano

(530) 592-8514

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