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Caminar Endowment Fund

Fund Purpose

Money raised will support our local programs that assist people with disabilities to be active and contributing members of the community. Our programs offer community-based services in the areas of independent living, employment, socialization, education, and housing.

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Caminar’s work in Butte County focuses on support services that enable people with mental health conditions or disabilities to fully integrate and participate in the community. Driven by compassion, science, and our understanding of root causes, Caminar delivers life-changing services to help clients to move toward resilience, wellness and independence.

Caminar has addressed the need for services tailored to adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness in the Chico, Paradise, and Oroville areas for more than 35 years. Butte County staff lead Caminar programs to meet the diverse needs of adults with behavioral health issues in the region including: Housing & Resource Centers, Workforce Development, and Social Enterprises- local businesses serving the community and employing Caminar clients.


Avenida Apartments – A supported housing complex, which opened in 2007 to provide affordable housing, as well as employment opportunities, for adults with mental health conditions.

Base Camp Village – Caminar’s newest supported housing complex, which opened in April 2020 to provide affordable housing for adults who are clients of Butte County Department of Mental Health.

Friendship Circle – This socialization program, for Far Northern Regional Center Consumers, offers weekly events in the community for adults with disabilities.


Jobs Plus – A one-on-one program that provides supported employment services for adults with mental or physical disabilities. Participants work with Job Developers to create a resume and practice interview skills while they search for community employment. After participants are placed, they continue to receive supportive services from Jobs Plus staff to retain employment.


Sensible Cyclery – A social enterprise that includes a Bike Shop, where customers can bring bikes to be either repaired or donated for refurbishment and parts, and a Bike Store, where rebuilt and refurbished bikes are sold to the general public. The shop provides temporary employment opportunities and on-site job skills training for adult participants. Sensible Cyclery celebrates the holidays by donating bicycles to low-income children in Oroville, California.

Pro-Touch – A social enterprise with a supported work crew that provides janitorial and landscaping services to the community. Like Sensible Cyclery, Pro-Touch offers temporary employment opportunities and on-site job skills training.

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Simon Huo

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