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Be Forever Strong Team Award Fund

Fund Purpose

The mission of the Be Forever Strong Team is to develop and support strong individuals in the classroom, so they may be strong in the rest of their lives.

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Every person deserves the opportunity to become their best, find their purpose, and learn how to contribute to their society; however, in life, many factors can hinder that reality. At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, grades were higher; students were excited to achieve in areas they did not think were possible, and individuals were wide-eyed at the discovery of what it feels like to help their community. Those personal discoveries were both energizing and contagious. Lives are being transformed and those young lives are positively influencing and attracting their peers. Donating to The Be Forever Strong Team Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to individuals on the team at the end of their senior year to assist in their college endeavors, both rewarding their strong commitments and ensuring that money is not an inhibiting factor in pursuing their goals.

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Erinn Gulbrandsen

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