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Basket Brigade Support Fund

Fund Purpose

The purpose of the Fund shall be to raise money to support the Azad's Martial Arts Basket Brigade program. All monies donated to the Fund will be distributed directly to vendors to purchase products and materials to be distributed to low-income families with school-age children in Butte County through the Basket Brigade program.

More Info


Thanksgiving Basket Brigade is a community-wide program to help local families in need with a gift basket of complete Thanksgiving food. Your donations directly help these families who are experiencing severe financial hardship in our town and county. You will never see these families in the church food line. To qualify they must have school-age kids, be financially qualified, and be a first-time recipient of the gift basket. We have not accepted previous recipients in the past.

Each year Azad's Martial Arts Center and its team spearhead this drive to help 250-300 local families. This year in honor of the 30th year of this event Azad's will help 1,000 families in the entire Butte County. Everyone involved in this drive is entirely a volunteer and passionate about giving a helping hand to others during their challenging times.

Contact Info

Grandmaster Azad

(530) 892-2923 or (530) 896-0777

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