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Basic Hope United Incubator Fund

Fund Purpose

The fund purpose is to assist in the establishment of Basic Hope United as a nonprofit legal entity within California and as a 501c3 under the Code. Fund Advisors agree that said purpose shall be diligently pursued and accomplished within 18 months of creation of the Fund. The mission of the nonprofit shall be to make a brighter future for students.

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Basic Hope United Incubator fund is working to establish a program to provide educational grants and scholarships. We are quickly developing a platform that utilizes textiles recycling to generate opportunity grants and scholarships. The grants will be used to help eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for teachers to enrich in-class projects, send students on more field trips, help with purchasing sports equipment and to help identifying areas that state and federal funding fall short. We hope to bridge the gap in many communities throughout California!

In addition to grants we aim to make scholarships available for students. We want to make school more affordable by helping purchase the tools and resources necessary for students to thrive. We want students to not worry about how they are going to afford materials and focus on what they are learning. We are very compassionate and excited for the work we are doing and can’t wait to make the lives of students a little bit brighter one student at a time!

Contact Info

Brett Brashears


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