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Portrait of Vianey Crane Serrano, Care Team coach

Vianey Crane Serrano


Hola! Hello, my name is Vianey Crane Serrano. I was born in Cuernavaca Morelos in Mexico but raised in Chico. I attended Rosedale Elementary, Chico Jr. High, Chico High, Butte College and Chico State. Let’s just say I truly love our community and what Chico has to offer. I have two wonderful children that have helped me grow and become a better version of myself. I enjoy music, dancing cumbias, family activities, kickball and softball.

I am thrilled to be part of this amazing CARE Team. I’ve worked with the youth and adults in our community for over ten years. Being a parent and teen is challenging, but having the right support and someone we can talk to tends to lessen our worries. Growing up in Butte County has helped me understand the significance of advocating for our youth and parents. Recently, my family and I experienced a terrifying event that changed our lives forever. Someone I truly love was experiencing suicidal thoughts. When reaching out for support I was disappointed with our mental health system. I felt alone and defeated, a feeling that no one should experience alone. The CARE Team will allow me to help those in need at their most difficult times.

Struggles and challenges can scar us, changing our lives forever but together we can learn healthy ways to heal and grow. It will take time but one should not walk this path alone. It’s ok to ask for help and to lean on one another. Let me guide you and together we will see a better day.

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