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Portrait of Ledell Jones Jr., Care Team coach

Ledell Jones Jr.


Hello! I go by Ledell or Dell for short. I won’t go into my psychology credentials or experience with youth in too much detail, simply because they are long, yet a minuscule portion of why I am here. Instead, here’s a bit about myself - I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Nevertheless, Chico has become my home over the past few years! Whether here or there, it has always been a big part of my purpose and mission to give back to youth that are walking in the shoes I once struggled to walk in.

This journey of life can be tedious and trying for youth in our community. However, as someone who has recovered and healed from my own trials and tribulations from my younger days, I genuinely believe it is our responsibility to give support and help navigate so that our youth can be triumphant in their own journey of life as well. I’m here because someone was there for me, now it’s my turn!

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