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Portrait of Jess Mercer, Care Team coach

Jess Mercer


Growing up in Northern California shaped Mercer into the artist and community ambassador she has now become. Mercer has spent much of her life in Paradise, California until relocating to Chico in 2018. Mercer has served as a youth counselor throughout Butte County California for two decades. Surviving a traumatic childhood herself, Mercer has relentlessly given her life to serving her community through creative outlets for trauma. Although Mercer primarily works and develops programs for youth organizations and schools, she is well-rounded with eclectic professional experiences after collaborating with over 25 agencies in her county and beyond.

Prior to the distinctive new landscape provided by tragedy in her hometown, Mercer suffered severe neurological problems in her early thirties. After partially recovering physically, Mercer was propelled into civic service when the fire came through her community. Mercer vulnerably opened her heart, visions, strategies, and goals to stretching the capabilities that artistic outlets provide individuals experiencing PTSD and trauma residue. A frequent reward that fulfills her mission the most is knowing every grant, program and drop of paint she has touched is always properly channeled to aiding her community in their journey of resiliency and grief.

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