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Portrait of Dirk Lacy, Care Team coach

Dirk Lacy


Hello, my name is Dirk Lee Lacy, Sr., but everyone calls me Lacy. I am deeply committed to positively impacting the world, particularly in the lives of our youth. Growing up in the inner city of Richmond, California, I witnessed and personally experienced many challenging and complex situations. However, my parents kept me and my siblings involved in sports, guiding us away from negative choices and ensuring we stayed focused on our education.

After playing football and attending Chico State University, I began working at a level 14 group home. It was during this period that I discovered my true calling to work with youth and become a mentor to them, teaching valuable tools to support their mental health and life skills. Over the past 15 years, I have dedicated my efforts to making a positive difference in the lives of troubled youth, working in various residential facilities and group homes ranging from level 12 to 14.

My passion for giving back to children led me to become a foster parent and adopt four children with my wife, whom I met at Chico State. Together, we have provided a stable home to over 38 foster children and have eight children of our own, biologically and through adoption. Additionally, I have established an AAU basketball program that has been operating for 12 years. Through this program, we offer an outlet for young individuals, providing mentorship and organizing fundraisers and scholarships for those facing financial barriers.

I live my life guided by a simple yet powerful motto: "Everything we do in life, our words, our choices, our actions - they are seeds, and the people, places, jobs and community we live in are the ground where we choose to plant the seeds. Our daily commitment is how we water them; they will grow." With this in mind, I strive to plant seeds of belief, encouragement and support in our youth as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Having personally experienced challenging times and recognizing the impact of mentors and caring individuals on my life, I am dedicated to providing guidance and inspiration for the youth and the community. I aim to support those facing similar challenges I once did, and I firmly believe in the transformative power of planting seeds of wisdom, encouragement and hope.

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