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Community Impact Grant

Requisitos de elegibilidad

The Community Impact Fund of The Hignell Companies Foundation provides financial resources for the community in areas they are eager to make an impact. All grant applications are reviewed by the Community Impact Fund Advisory Team, made up of employees from The Hignell Companies. Grants are available for industry investment, social welfare, community betterment, and Christian spiritual growth and transformation.

For more information, visit The Hignell Companies website,

Go to for grant application instructions.

Requisitos de elegibilidad

The Community Impact Fund has been created to fund the following areas of priority:
1. Industry Related Education Scholarships
2. Social Welfare
3. Community Betterment
4. Christian Spiritual Growth & Betterment

One the grant page is an overview of the fund priorities we have established, along with some examples of projects that might fit those funding priorities. This list is designed only to illustrate ideas, but not limit projects or ideas that fit within the overall guidelines.

To submit a grant request, please review the guidelines, fill out the application, print a copy for your records and push submit. Address questions to Tina Rosenquist at

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