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The Clexa Project

Propósito del fondo

Welcome! On behalf of The Clexa Project team, we thank you for visiting our page and supporting the production of our feature-length documentary “Love Me Bait Me.” With help from some of the movement’s leading experts, our film invites you to experience the social movement that followed the single highest number of queer women deaths for a season of television. Although LGBTQ+ viewers are no stranger to heartbreak while watching film and tv, American networks failed us to a spectacular degree in 2016 when they killed off 43% of queer women characters. There’s only so much our community could take until we reached a breaking point.

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The Clexa Project is made up of a small team of dedicated queer activists, headed by its Director: Rachel Ward. Originally from northern California, Rachel currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her partner and two cats. She is fiercely passionate about affecting positive cultural change—working with the Northwest Surrogacy Center by day, and “Love Me Bait Me” by night. For more information about supporting the film’s production, please email her at

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Rachel Ward

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