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Soul Centered Solutions

Propósito del fondo

Soul Centered Solutions is a nonprofit incubator fund meaning the fund will be used to establish an independent nonprofit 501c3.

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Soul Centered Solutions (SCS) is dedicated to helping people access and apply the profound resources of Higher Consciousness to the felt needs and areas of struggle and challenge that characterize our everyday lives. SCS is in service to the great planetary shift that is currently taking place, a shift from ego-centered living to Soul-centered living, from living from fear and separation, to living from Wisdom and Love in service to the well-being of all.


SCS operates from the understanding that the Universe is a multitudinous expression of a single Supreme Consciousness, called by many names, and yet beyond all names. As such all things contain some spark of this One Consciousness, however deeply buried. ‘Soul,’ as we use the term, is the Presence of that Consciousness that can be found in the heart of all beings.

It is the purpose of SCS to help people to discover and align with their Souls. ‘Soul-alignment’ is a process of perceiving that Presence within and aligning one’s thoughts, words, values, and actions with the Wisdom, Power, and Love of that Presence. Soul-alignment is a deep and pervasive reorientation in how we view ourselves and others. It is not a philosophy, but a deeply experiential shift in the center from which we operate, resulting in radical changes in how we see and feel about ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we relate to the world at large. We believe that the next stage of human evolution is to live Soul-aligned, or Soul-centered, rather than ego-centered.


SCS accomplishes this purpose in the following ways:

- Sessions with individuals — highly experiential sessions that progressively move from learning to heal the deep wounds of the past, to shifting one’s identity to that of the Soul, that is, a unique expressions of Divine Truth and Love.

- Work with groups — an extension of individual work, but with the benefit of practically applying the principle of ‘Oneness’: that others are extensions of one’s self, that care for oneself can be of benefit to others, and that care for others can richly enhance our own lives.

- Classes — multi-week classes that equip participants with conceptual understanding, as well as skills in the spiritual practices that cultivate Soul-alignment and measurable shifts in expanded consciousness.

- Satsangs — gatherings around spiritual practices designed to generate glimpses of our Inner Light and inspiration regarding how to live from that Light in the world.

- Consulting in organizations — practically applying the principles and practices of Soul-alignment to the organizational culture and functioning.

- Collaboration with other individuals and organizations that share the common goal of being of service to the evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of global systems around the truth of our true nature and our responsibility to support and care for one another.

Datos de contacto

Scott Wyman

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