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Michael Smith Salmon Water Endowment Fund

Propósito del fondo

The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to establish a permanently endowed fund that provides an ongoing 5% annual distribution of the fund balance at June 30 each year to Friends of Butte Creek for as long as the fund and organization exists. All Fund distributions shall first be utilized for annual Water Master fees charged by the California Department of Water Resources.  Any distribution amount that exceeds the fees may be utilized for the general operations of Friends of Butte Creek.

Más información


Michael Smith was born in the Autumn of 1946 in New York City, the first child of Anna and Philip Smith. On November 9, 2021, with Diane by his side, he died peacefully at home, from Myelofibrosis. Michael was an artist and craftsmen. A business owner who loved nature. A father, son, husband, brother, friend to many and a Viet Nam Veteran who served proudly but passionately disagreed with the cause. This lifelong hippie lived his dreams with kindness and gratitude. A beautiful creative man that will be missed and remembered by many.

Michael loved Chico and his home in Butte Creek Canyon, finding peace outside on the beaches of Butte Creek, watching the salmon he worked hard to save. He served as a director for Friends of Butte Creek for 26 years. His knowledge and appreciation for salmon was sorely needed and he lived every day with the fish on his mind. His love of photography gave us some beautiful works of art such as the spectacular composite of the holding salmon in Butte Creek.

He loved his family and friends and was especially proud of his son, Dylan. Michael’s creations from his years as The Goldsmith live on in precious metal and stone throughout the community. They continue to represent him, his work, his life and passion.

May we strive to live by Michael’s last words, “We did good today.”

Datos de contacto

Allen Harthorn

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