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Chico History Museum

Propósito del fondo

The purpose of this fund is to support the Chico History Museum, which promotes and carries out activities that further the discovery, classification, interpretation, display, exhibition, and preservation of the history of the beautiful City of Chico.

Más información


This fund will support the organization of the new Chico History Museum, formerly known as the Chico Museum, to ensure the continued preservation of the collections, display, and exhibition of the rich history of our beautiful Chico, California. Supporting the Museum ensures our community the education and enjoyment of our diverse historical programs such as the Chico Through Time, The Grand Hotels, The Chinese Temple, and lecture series about notable historical figures and landmarks. The school programs reach school age children in our community through our Family Education Day and School Field Trips.

Datos de contacto

Debbie Ricci

(530) 521-2110

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