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Bidwell Junior High School Foundation - General

Propósito del fondo

The mission of Bidwell Junior High School Foundation is to provide resources for the enhancement of the academic, co-curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities for students at Bidwell Junior High School. Donations to the Bidwell Junior High School Foundation General Fund help accomplish this goal.

Más información


The Bidwell Junior High School Foundation’s goal is to help support teachers and school staff in their efforts to provide the best learning environment for our local youth. Established in 2005, our purpose is to raise funds that augment resources to improve student learning. Since our inception, shrinking school and department budgets have challenged teachers and staff in their efforts to provide “more” with “less.” The foundation has helped alleviate some of those shortfalls by approving over 200 classroom grants totaling more than $95,000 to enrich the education of thousands of Bidwell Junior High School students. Thanks to our donors, the foundation has funded grant requests for books, teaching supplies, science lab equipment, calculators, computer hardware and software, physical education equipment, digital cameras for art and yearbook, virtual reality headsets for virtual field trips, webcams used to create slow-motion videos to study cell division, and basic school supplies and clothing for needy students. Additionally, the foundation has provided funds for sheet music, instruments, and instrument repair for the BJHS Band.

Datos de contacto

Mike Christensen

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