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Thrive Program Assistant

The mission of the Thrive program assistant is to stay five steps ahead of the team by tracking all of the administrative details and clearing the path for Thrive to make the greatest contribution possible to our organization and to the community. This person enjoys managing myriad details while being a team player. The Thrive program assistant will be a key asset to the program director by anticipating needs at an exceptionally high level, allowing her to develop vision and strategy for all aspects of Thrive’s work in collaborative, strategic, whole community healing. 

While repetitive tasks are certainly part of this position, the tasks assigned can vary from week to week based on the team’s needs. The most important responsibility of the program assistant is to ensure that administrative tasks and projects are completed with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, accuracy, flexibility and positivity in order to support the Thrive projects and programs.

Regular duties include

  • Meeting management including scheduling, preparing agendas, reports, taking notes, distributing action items and following up on tasks.

  • Communicating on the Thrive director’s behalf both internally and externally. This includes communication with steering committee members, contractors, agency partners, diverse sector representatives and NVCF staff/teams.

  • Attending in-person meetings multiple times per week.

  • Complex calendar management and scheduling on behalf of the Thrive program team.

  • Varying administrative tasks including, but not limited to, booking appointments, research projects, coordinating travel, contract/agreement development, monitoring and payments, ordering gifts/flowers, and picking up food and other items for business meetings, etc.

  • Varying event coordination and management tasks including, but not limited to, managing event invitations and RSVPs, coordinating speakers’ schedules, developing event work plans and event flow sheets, communication and coordination with presenters/speakers, anticipating follow-up correspondence and tracking post-event action items.

  • Light project management duties.

  • Monthly expense reporting, reimbursements and contracts invoice processing on behalf of the Thrive program.

  • Screen and triage CARE Team calls and referrals. Document the details of the referral in the AirTable data system.

  • Administrative support to the programs department including, but not limited to, monthly support to grant committee agendas and communication and administrative support for contracts.

Requirements for this position include

Quality Communication: The program assistant must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar and punctuation. This also includes being able to take a large amount of information and summarize it quickly both in writing and orally on a regular basis. You must also be able to track communication (and be very responsive) across multiple channels without losing any details. Those channels could include in-person meetings, virtual video calls, chat messages, text messages and/or emails.

High Level of Discretion: Since our program assistant will regularly work with confidential information, discretion and sensitivity regarding financial information is a must.

Team Player: In addition to working directly with the Thrive program director, the program assistant will also work with members of the larger NVCF team. They’ll need to be able to collaborate and communicate well with these team members, maintaining a can-do spirit.

Anticipating Needs: As a part of our commitment to enabling our Thrive program director to serve our organization and community partners, our program assistant will strive to anticipate needs and eliminate friction at work whenever possible.

Affinity for Technology: Our program assistant will be technologically savvy and will not be intimidated by learning new digital tools. Proficiency in the following tech platforms is ideal: Google Suite, Asana and Zoom.

Preferred experience includes

2-5 years in an administrative role is preferred




Paid sick leave, holidays, cellphone stipend, paid mileage.

Work hours

Hourly/part time; 25 hours per week - days and times flexible


The position will work both on-site at NVCF’s offices at Meriam Park, Chico, California and remotely from home in a hybrid work environment.

Start Date

The position will be open until filled. We’re ready for you now, but start date can be somewhat flexible for the right candidate.

Please submit a cover letter and resume as a single PDF to No references are required until after an initial interview is scheduled. 

Thank you for your interest in North Valley Community Foundation!

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