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Coordinator - Dixie Fire Disaster Recovery and (ReBuild)

The Dixie Fire Collaborative (DFC) is a collaboration of individuals, nonprofit, faith-based, local, state and national organizations providing a coordinated recovery effort to the July 2021 wildfire, which affected residents of Greenville, Indian Falls, Canyon Dam, Warner Valley and surrounding areas in Plumas County.  Our mission is working to fulfill the unmet needs of Dixie Fire survivors and helping to rebuild the communities of Greenville, Indian Falls, Canyondam and Warner Valley. All of our programs support this mission and purpose, and all who work for or on behalf of the DFC shall understand and adhere to that purpose.

This position will be under the general direction and supervision of the Dixie Fire Collaborative Steering Committee. The employer of record is the North Valley Community Foundation of Chico, the fiscal sponsor for the Dixie Fire Collaborative.  The North Valley Community Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization providing philanthropic services to residents of the North Valley, including grant-making in the areas of Camp Fire and wildfire relief and recovery, youth suicide prevention and economic recovery, and hundreds of other charitable scholarships, grant programs and projects around the world.

As the Coordinator of the Long Term Recovery, this position will be responsible for overseeing and managing the comprehensive recovery efforts from the Dixie Fire. The primary focus will be on coordinating and implementing long-term strategies to assist individuals, families and communities in their journey towards full recovery and rebuilding with specific emphasis on the communities of Greenville, Indian Falls, Warner Valley, Canyondam and the surrounding areas of Plumas County. This position will work closely with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, community leaders and volunteers to ensure efficient and effective coordination of resources and services. This role requires strong leadership skills, project management abilities and a deep commitment to helping communities thrive after a disaster.

Regular duties include

Recovery Plan Development: Lead the development and implementation of a long-term disaster recovery plan, in collaboration with stakeholders, that outlines the goals, strategies and timelines for the recovery process. Ensure the plan aligns with the needs and priorities of the affected community.

Coordination and Collaboration: Serve as a central point of contact for all recovery-related efforts, fostering collaboration among government agencies, nonprofits, community organizations and volunteers. Facilitate regular meetings for the Dixie Fire Steering Committee as well as oversight of all subcommittees defined by the DFC Steering Committee. Facilitate communication channels and partnerships to maximize resources and avoid duplication of services.

Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough needs assessments to identify the long-term recovery needs of individuals, families and communities affected by the disaster. Analyze data, evaluate trends and gather input from stakeholders to inform recovery strategies and resource allocation.

Resource Management: Coordinate the allocation and distribution of available resources, including funding, materials and personnel, to support the long-term recovery process. Identify potential funding sources and grant opportunities to supplement available resources.

Case Management Support: Provide support to Disaster Case Managers (DCMs) or social workers involved in individual or family case management, in partnership with Plumas Rural Services and Northern Valley Catholic Social Service.

Stakeholder Engagement: Build and maintain effective relationships with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, community leaders and volunteers involved in the recovery efforts. Foster a collaborative environment, promote open communication and facilitate partnerships to enhance the overall recovery process.

Community Outreach: Develop and implement community outreach strategies to ensure affected individuals and communities are aware of available resources, programs and support services. Conduct public meetings, workshops and information sessions to engage and educate community members.

Volunteer Management: Recruit, train and supervise volunteers engaged in long-term recovery efforts. Assign and coordinate volunteer tasks, ensuring they are aligned with community needs and recovery priorities. Provide ongoing support, recognition and appreciation to volunteers for their contributions.

Progress Monitoring and Reporting: Establish mechanisms to track and measure progress toward recovery goals. Prepare regular reports on the status of recovery activities, outcomes achieved and challenges encountered. Present updates to stakeholders, funding agencies and community members as required.

Continuous Improvement: Evaluate the effectiveness of recovery strategies and initiatives, seeking feedback from stakeholders and community members. Identify areas for improvement and recommend adjustments to enhance the efficiency and impact of long-term recovery efforts.

Requirements for this position include

Bachelor's or Master’s degree preferred in disaster management, public administration, social work or a related field.

Proven experience in disaster recovery, community development or project management, preferably in a leadership or coordination role.

Knowledge of disaster recovery principles, processes and best practices.

Strong organizational and project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks, deadlines and stakeholders simultaneously.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively engage and collaborate with diverse groups of stakeholders.

Leadership qualities with the ability to motivate and inspire teams and volunteers.

Familiarity with government programs, funding mechanisms and regulations related to disaster recovery.

Data analysis skills to assess needs, evaluate outcomes and inform decision-making.

Knowledge of community resources, service providers and support systems relevant to the Dixie Fire Recovery and (Re)Build process.

Preferred experience includes


$34 per hour


Paid sick leave, holidays, 403(b) retirement with up to 3% employer match; 80% of medical/vision/dental for employees at 30+ hours per week, cellphone stipend, paid mileage.

Work hours

40 hours per week


Dixie Fire Collaborative Office, 127 Crescent Street, Greenville, CA

Start Date

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume in PDF format to No references are required until after an initial interview is scheduled. Review of applications will begin on Aug. 9.

Thank you for your interest in the Dixie Fire Collaborative.

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