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CARE Team Coach

North Valley Community Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization providing philanthropic services to residents and businesses of the North Valley for more than 30 years. Services include strategic grantmaking, youth suicide prevention and charitable fund management which includes hundreds of donor advised funds, scholarships, grant programs and projects around the world.

The NVCF team is grateful to support families and youth in our community through the Community Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team. As most of us are aware, Butte County youth are struggling. The need for quick, consistent, effective response in the most serious situations is critical. The CARE Team provides consistent, compassionate and prompt support in three specific situations:

  1. a young person is experiencing suicidal ideation,

  2. a young person has attempted suicide and

  3. a young person has died by suicide.

Not only does the CARE Team provide support to the young person/family who is suffering, they will help navigate the resources available and assist with the warm transition to long term support if necessary. In our hearts and minds, this is one of the most important supportive services.

Working on the CARE Team is exceptionally important and deeply satisfying work.  It can also be difficult and emotionally demanding. Working with suicidal young people requires committing to a high level of attention to each case and the ability to prioritise the work of the CARE Team.  This can be challenging, especially on top of the demands of career and family. It is not a good fit for everyone at all times.

Position Summary: 

  • Provide mentorship and guidance to teenagers struggling with suicidal ideation. 

  • Utilize brief intervention strategies to help equip youth to take steps towards healing. 

  • Support youth/families in making connections to services and provide a warm hand off to longer term care.

Regular duties include

  • Attending mandatory monthly coach meetings (1st monday of each month, 12-2pm).

  • Meeting monthly with the CARE Team’s secondary trauma clinician to process through the impact of your caseload and coach experience (group case review, mandatory; individual 1:1 meetings available with secondary trauma clinician as needed).

  • Maintaining a capacity for at least three case assignments at any given time, with the expectation that each case requires approximately 2-3 hours per week.

  • Responding to assigned CARE Team activations according to appropriate timelines

  • initial contact within 24 hours of activation

  • weekly face to face meetings

  • session notes recorded within 24 hours

  • Collaborating with your case assigned clinical support regarding next steps and appropriate intervention strategies - Monthly 1:1 meetings with clinical support (30-60 min) and additional time as needed for each case.

  • Promptly documenting interventions, postvention activities, and prevention activities in Airtable database within 24 hours.

  • Provide resources and support to individuals related to each case (parents/guardians, healthcare providers, school counselors, etc.)

  • Identifying necessary connections for the individual of concern (do they need a therapist, psychiatrist, other appropriate supportive services?) and assisting the youth/family with navigation in making those connections.

  • Filling out all necessary tracking and evaluation forms provided by Thrive team admin according to requested timelines (ex: Youth Reflection survey to be administered at final closing session for each individual of concern).

  • Maintaining confidentiality

  • Completing required onboarding trainings:

  • LivingWorks 90 Minute Life Saving Skills Training – online asynchronous

  • CARE Team Orientation Training

  • Mandated Reporter/Confidentiality Training – online asynchronous (unless certified within the last year)

  • Secondary Trauma Training

  • Any additional ongoing trainings/review of previous training recordings

Requirements for this position include

Quality Communication: The coach must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar and punctuation. This also includes being able to take a large amount of information and summarize it quickly both in writing and orally on a regular basis. You must also be able to track communication (and be very responsive) across multiple channels without losing any details.

High Level of Discretion: Since coaches will regularly work with confidential information, discretion and sensitivity regarding financial information is a must.

Team Player: They’ll need to be able to collaborate and communicate well with these team members, maintaining a can-do spirit.

Affinity for Technology: Our coaches will be technologically savvy and will not be intimidated by learning new digital tools.

Start Date

February 2024




Paid sick leave, cellphone stipend, paid mileage.

Work hours

Hourly/Part time

How to Apply

Please complete the linked questionnaire and submit a resume through the form.  Review of applications will begin January 9th 2024.  No references are required until after an initial interview is scheduled.

Thank you for your interest in North Valley Community Foundation!

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