Why Should You Give during the Annie B’s Community Drive?

Annie B’s Community Drive kicked off its 10th and final year on Aug. 1 and 188 local charities and charitable causes are participating.

Here are some reasons why this 8-week drive is the best time individuals, families, and businesses to make a contribution:

  1. Make your money go farther

The North Valley Community Foundation will match a portion of your total contribution. This money is added directly onto your contribution no matter how you divide it among the participating organizations. This is your chance to give generously knowing that you will get more bang for your buck!

  1. We make it easy for you

It shouldn’t be difficult to be charitable and to support organization that are doing good work. During Annie B’s the North Valley Community Foundation will facilitate the giving process to make it easy on you. You can write ONE check or donate online and list all of the organizations you would like to donate to and we will add our matching funds and divide it up for you. We will also give you a simple, consolidated tax receipt to make it easy for you to keep track of your contributions.

  1. Everything is in one place

It can be difficult to keep abreast of what organizations are working on and who is making a difference in our community. We are all busy and charitable giving is not always on our monthly calendar, but for 8-weeks local nonprofits will get together to tell you about what they are working on. You can catch up on your favorite organization’s new projects and learn about new organizations at the Annie B’s farmers market event on Sept. 15!

  1. It’s our last year!

Annie B’s Community Drive has been connecting individuals with nonprofits for a decade and helping to make their charitable contributions as impactful as possible. This is your chance to go out and communicate with and lend your support community change makers. Vote with your dollars and let your priorities be known along with the rest of the community.

It is time to start getting ready! Go to anniebs.org to learn more about the drive and visit nvcf.org to stay up to date on upcoming events and deadlines.

We’ll see you soon!

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