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At NVCF, we are committed to serving our clients with excellence and ease. This page will help you manage your fund.

Build Your Fund

With your fund at NVCF, you have the opportunity to build a permanent legacy of philanthropy. You may add to your fund at any time. We have arranged the gift options below in order of their complexity. If you’re considering making a gift to your fund, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how you can gain the maximum financial and tax benefit.

Donations by Check

Make checks payable to NVCF/[Your Fund Name] and mail them to:
North Valley Community Foundation
240 Main St Ste 260
Chico CA 95928

Donations by ACH

Monthly recurring payments to your fund can be established through electronic banking systems. Recurring donations are made on the 15th of each month, with pre-authorized withdrawals from a donor’s account resulting in a deposit into an NVCF fund. This requires your donor to complete the Authorization for Direct Payments (ACH Debits) form and return it to NVCF.

We are committed to providing the maximum flexibility for donations, so that donors find the process easy and convenient. Feel free to call the NVCF office at (530) 891-1150 with any questions or suggestions.

Online Donations

Once you establish a fund at NVCF, you will receive a unique web address your donors can use to contribute to your fund. Anyone with a bank account or credit card may make a donation to your fund. Credit card processing fees are approximately 2.5% and are deducted from the donation before it is credited to your account.

If your organization has its own website, you may want to arrange to place a donation link on your own page. Contact for information on this option.

In-Kind Donations

In the event of an in-kind gift, when a non-cash gift is received, please follow the instructions below:
1. You must issue a thank you note and receipt using the letter below as a template.
2. Please issue the letter AFTER the event or receipt of the gift.
3. Fill in the log for all in-kind receipts and submit to NVCF within 48 hours of the event.

In-Kind Letter Template (WORD)

In-Kind Receipt Log (WORD)

Public Fundraising

Family, friends, and colleagues – anyone can make a gift to your fund. It’s as simple as mailing the gift to the Foundation with instructions to place it in your fund.
Raising money for your fund by holding an event by soliciting businesses and other foundations is more complex. You will, for legal purposes, be doing so on behalf of the North Valley Community Foundation.
Before you begin planning your event or solicitation, please review the policy statement on Public Fundraising for Component Funds in Section 5. Then give us a call at (530) 891-1150. We can work together to ensure the event is in compliance with IRS rules so your donors will be eligible for a tax deduction and you, your fund and the Foundation are protected from liability.

Public Stock Transfers

Mutual Funds Shares

Unlike individual stocks, mutual funds are generally transferred through a change of ownership on the issuer’s books. They usually cannot be transferred electronically, and the shareholder does not have a certificate of ownership.
Gifting mutual fund shares to your fund can take time, sometimes as long as four weeks. We urge you not to wait until last minute to try to complete a charitable gift of mutual fund shares. This is a particularly important when making gifts at the end of the year.

1) Begin by notifying us your interest in making a gift of mutual fund shares. Identify the mutual fund and number of shares. If available, include the telephone number and contact person at the mutual fund company. In the event that the North Valley Community Foundation already has an account with the mutual fund company, we can provide you with our account number.

2) Instruct the mutual fund company to transfer the shares to an account in the name of the North Valley Community Foundation. If a new account has to be opened, our taxpayer identification number may be required. When a new account for the Foundation has to be established, it also may take the mutual fund company a little longer to accomplish the transfer.

Some mutual fund companies provide a form to be completed first by the donor and then by the Foundation. If that is the case with your mutual fund company, you may request the form from the company, fill out your portion ad send it to us. We will complete the form and send it in to the company.

3) Once an account for the Foundation has been established, the mutual fund company will send the Foundation a transaction statement, when we know that the gift is being made, we can check on its status throughout the process.

Closely Held Stock

There are excellent tax incentives for gifting stock of a closely held corporation to your fund. If the stock can be contributed before the terms of sale of a corporation are completed, considerable financial resources can be made available for your charitable goals at the lowest after-tax cost to you.
Even if the corporation is not likely to be sold, closely held stock makes an excellent gift to your fund. You can contribute the shares and the stock will be sold later for cash. In such instances, the Foundation cannot guarantee or pre-arrange a sale or make any other agreement that might imply or cause a material restriction to be imposed on the contribution.
We will be happy to assist you with a gift of closely held stock for your fund. Please contact us at 530.891.1150. A qualified appraisal complying with IRS regulations will be required in order to establish the value of the gift for federal income tax purpose.
Gifting closely held stock can take many weeks to complete, so we urge you to allow plenty of time to be sure your gift is complete before the time period in which you want to receive your tax deduction. Your gift will be complete when your shares are registered in the name of the Foundation.

Restricted Stock

Under certain circumstances, you may make a gift of restricted stock to your fund. Please contact the Foundation at 530.891.1150 if you would like to do so. We can work with you to determine if the shares may be gifted based on the restriction on your stock and the provisions of legal documents governing your ownership of the stock.
If your shares may be gifted, we will assist you in completing the process. A qualified appraisal complying with IRS regulations will be required to establish the value of the gift for federal tax purposes.
Gift of restricted stock can take many weeks to complete, so please call us early if you want to have your gift complete within a specific tax period. Your gift will be complete when the restricted stock is reregistered in the name of the Foundation.

Real Property

You may gift unencumbered real property such as homes and business property to your fund. Our policies and procedures for making a gift of real property can be found in Section 5. The Foundation will help you determine whether your property may be gifted and advise you throughout the process. Your gift is complete when the deed is registered in the name of the Foundation. Call us at 530.891.1150 for more information.

Linking your fund with a planned gift

You and your family can enjoy significant tax advantages when you link your fund with a planned gift such as a:
• Bequest from your will or trust,
• Charitable remainder trust,
• Charitable lead trust.
• Pooled income fund gift,
• Life insurance gift, or
• Life estate gift.
For more information about these kinds of gifts, please call us at 530.891.1150. Ext. 28 and Alexa Benson-Valavanis our CEO will be there to assist you or point you in the right direction.

Use Your Fund

The North Valley Community Foundation has been making grants to nonprofit organizations in Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Tehama Counties since 1996. We act as a catalyst for North Valley giving by matching our donors and private foundations with nonprofit organizations that meet their goals.

Finance Forms

Fund information, including current balance or donor information, is available at any time in your Fund Advisor Portal. Request login information at:

Our Finance Office processes checks every Tuesday. They are available for mail and/or pick-up Wednesday afternoon. Requests received before 5 p.m. on Monday will be processed the same week, otherwise they will be included in the check run for the following week.

Payment of expenses for your fund activities such as advertising, marketing, insurance for events, etc. are requested using the Payment Request form. Invoices must be no more than 90 days old. Expense checks relating to your fund will be issued every other Wednesday, according to the above Calendar.

Expense Payment Request Form (Fillable PDF)

Once you have decided how you want to distribute your charitable funds, you are ready to make grant recommendations to NVCF. You may submit grant recommendations to the Foundation at any time by completing a …

Grant Request Form (Fillable PDF).

Return the signed form by email to:
Courtney Brown, Accountant

Or by mail to:
North Valley Community Foundation
240 Main St Ste 260
Chico CA 95928

Please contact Courtney Brown, Accountant, with any questions: (530) 891-1150 or

NVCF issues all tax receipts for its funds for cash and cash equivalent gifts. In the event of an in-kind gift, when a non-cash gift is received, please follow the instructions below:
1. You must issue a thank you note and receipt using the letter below as a template.
2. Please issue the letter AFTER the event or receipt of the gift.
3. Fill in the log for all in-kind receipts and submit to NVCF within 48 hours of the event.

In-Kind Letter Template (Fillable PDF)

In-Kind Receipt Log (Fillable PDF)

Add an Authorized Signer to Your Fund (DocuSign)

Event Insurance, Forms, and Worksheets

Our designated funds have the added benefit of hosting events under our insurance umbrella. Events hosted in the name of your NVCF fund must have insurance pre-approval. Complete this form to request coverage and provide us with important information to assure compliance with various laws:

Event Request Form

Are you having a fundraising event (including any event that includes the sale of food or goods, or a raffle)? Please review the following guide to rules and laws that pertain to sales tax and raffles in the state of California, as well as disclosure requirements mandated by the IRS. This guide is designed to familiarize you and your group of volunteers about what rules affect your fundraising efforts, as well as let you know what we need to properly report the results of your work.

Fundraising Events – A Guide to the Rules

Details of any and all items sold at the fundraising event!  We will take care of reporting the sales of taxable items for you and charge your fund for the sales tax expense.  But if we don’t get accurate information, our default position is to report all proceeds as taxable. Download and use the following spreadsheets to give us the detail needed and attach substantiation for each category of proceeds received.

Sales Tax Worksheet

NVCF Logos

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