NVCF in Downtown Chico!

Come Visit us in Suite 260!

New Office in Downtown Chico!

NorthValley_bleed_outline240 Main Street, Suite 260
Chico, CA 95928
You are part of the Community Foundation’s story. It is a story that’s made up of hundreds of individuals, families and businesses who share a passion to make our world a little better.
Whether it is a commitment to care for the poor, a desire to support our veterans, or any number of other causes – it’s this service to humanity that binds us. It’s a desire to reduce suffering that drives us. It’s a belief that things can get better and that we are part of that change that pushes us on. We are intertwined by our work to help where we can. I love that about our connection! I love that about our story.
For your part in the Community Foundation’s story, I want to thank you! It is because of you that during the past 10 years we’ve taken massive steps toward positive social change. In the past decade we’ve established 500 charitable funds and helped raise nearly $45 million for public good here and around the globe.
Today, the Community Foundation is ready to take another huge step toward engaging our community members in addressing the challenges and opportunities in front of us. 

I am truly thrilled to announce we are moving to our very own location in downtown Chico. Our new location will provide a space for solution building, community engagement and social innovation.